Mazda Crossovers for Moms


Mazda crossovers for Mom at the Houston Auto Show
After 15 years in the same SUV, it might be time to move on to a Mazda crossover for Mom.

After a 15 year love affair with my Mom SUV, it’s time to think about another. I attended the Houston Auto Show to try on cars like I would try on a pair of shoes. Looking for a vehicle that feels right requires that I try on a lot of SUVs and crossovers.

Why attend an Auto Show

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, the local Auto Show should be your first stop. And here’s why:

  • Get an overview what’s new in the industry–from safety to style.
  • Shop brands efficiently and effectively without the pressure of salespeople.
  • Sit in different types of vehicles. Try on that convertible, sit in the luxury SUV.
  • Find a new car crush. A totally out-of-your-league dream.
  • Have some fun. I test drove a stick shift convertible and took a spin on a truck obstacle track.


I haven’t owned a Mazda though I’m researching it for my next Mom crossover. And here’s why.

Mazda prioritizes the driver experience by meshing technology and performance from styling to safety. As a Mom, I appreciate that.

I’ve driven across a continent so I enjoy driving. Mazda understands that the technology used for safety gives drivers the confidence in their vehicle. Fuel economy is important though I shouldn’t sacrifice power when merging on the interstate.

Finding a new Mazda crossover for Mom.
At Mazda, the drivers experience is paramount from the displays to the seat.

The details Mazda incorporates into their designs helps transform a Mom from the school pick-up line to the s-curves of the Pacific Coast Highway. The interior reflects their craftsmanship and design aesthetic.

Consumer Reports recommends the entire 2017 Mazda line-up.

My Mom SUV

She feels like a trusted friend, always reliably waiting for me and my three kids. Never left me stranded or failed to start, and always ready for an family adventure.

Through the years, I installed my first car seat in her. I strapped my last baby in her. We struggled together as I mushed three kids into a combination of boosters and carseats in her.

Showing for a new crossover or SUV? I'm comparing the features of the Mazda crossovers for Moms.

She still looks good on the outside with timeless styling and a paint job that’s held up but she’s been demoted to short-haul trips. I don’t take her on the long road trips I’ve made into a career.

So the time has come to thing about replacing my first Mom SUV and passing her down to my kids. Though the thought makes me sad, I’m looking forward to new technology and especially the new-car smell.

Mazda Crossovers for Moms

In a line-up that concentrates on sedans and a sporty convertible, Mazda offers three crossovers for Moms. All feature the low ground clearance that makes getting in-and-out easy. Pack with safety, technology and power outlets, Mazda offers a stylish family-friendly vehicle.

Try on the Mazda MX-5 to have some top down fun.
The Mazda MX-5 Miata RF offers a Mom a vacation in the drivers seat along with a stick shift.

Mazda CX-3

Big on style, the CX-3 is Mazda’s smallest family-friendly vehicle. The sporty sub-compact crossover, or CUV, starts at $19,900, magic to Mom’s ears. With seating for five, I can accommodate my kids in the CX-3.

The Mazda Crossover CX-3 offers lots of cargo space.
The Mazda CX-3 offers lots of space for hauling gear.

The CX-3 features 146 horsepower with a MPG of 29/35, a factor for most family budgets. The cargo area hauls an impressive 44.5 cubic feet of gear with a 60/40 split fold-down rear seat. A feature I look for and a must for hauling stuff (like a small piece of furniture) and kids. The CX-3 features AWD as an additional option, important for my annual ski trip.

With push button start and steering wheel mounted audio, phone and cruise controls, the Mazda CX-3 offers lots of tech. The 7-inch full-color display, one USB and a 12-volt power outlet keep everything powered and the trip on track.

The interior of the Mazda CX-3.
The interior of the Mazda CX-3 offers sporty styling with lots of travel tech.

Though I love the sporty styling, the CX-3 is a tight fit for my full-sized kids.

The All-New Mazda CX-5

The all-new CX-5 offers a driver-centric design that impresses the passengers too. With a starting price just over $24,000, the CX-5 gives families lots of value-driven performance and seating for five.

The Mazda CX-5 crossover for families.
The all-new Mazda CX-5 offers sleek styling with power under the hood and outlets in cargo area.

The Mazda CX-5 features 187 horsepower with a MPG of 24/31. The cargo area hauls over 65.4 cubic feet with a 40/20/40 split one-touch, fold-down rear seat. And the CX-5 features AWD as an additional option.

The 7-inch full-color display, two USBs and two 12-volt power outlets (one in front and one in the cargo area) keeps everything powered.

All the features along with the stylish interior keeps the Mazda CX-5 on my list. I need to get behind the wheel and feel the performance and handling.

Mazda CX-9

Mazda crossovers for Mom at the Houston Auto Show
The Mazda CX-9 offers power and refined style for families on the go.

A favorite among Moms for its refined interior and budget-friendly starting price of $31,500. Mazda’s CX-9 is the only SUV in its line-up that concentrates on sedans.

The CX-9 features 250 horsepower with a MPG of 22/28. With three rows, I found a seating capacity for seven people. The second row features 60/40 split, fold-down and reclining seats with tilt and slide access to the third row. The third row offers 50/50 split, fold-down seats. I found underfloor storage as well.

The interior of the Mazda CX-9 offers classic styling.
The Mazda CX-9 exudes luxury with a two-tone interior and wood grain accents along with the leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob.

The Mazda CX-9 features steering wheel mounted audio, phone and cruise controls. In addition, I found a 7-inch full-color display, two USBs and two 12-volt power outlets (one in front and one in the cargo area)to keep everything powered and the driver on course.

The interior styling and the driver-centered design of the Mazda CX-5 and the CX-9 beg for a test drive. Stay Tuned.


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