One the top of a 14'er in Colorado.
Catherine Parker hikes the trails and climbs mountains, finding the best activities that your kids will rave for years to come.

Catherine Parker offers insight into a child’s mind that helps her find destinations that kids will rave about for years to come. She’s explored the majority of North America over the last 20 years from the road and the clouds.

During college, Catherine Parker merged her passions of good words and great buildings by studying English Literature and Architecture. She worked part-time as a preschool teacher to fund her travel purse while her students infected her with a lifelong curiosity.

After college, Catherine started at the bottom of the hospitality industry working as a pastry cook for a French Chef. Learning to rise at 3:30 a.m. to bake the croissants, gives her insight into the workings of a professional kitchen.

Moving on from the kitchen, Catherine followed her love of architecture and managed the office of a high-end interior design studio for several years. By overseeing the accounts of show houses and Austin entrepreneurs, Catherine gained a knowledge of furnishings, coverings and design that helps her appreciate luxury properties.

After living in Texas for 25 years, Catherine’s adventurous streak pulled her to New York City after landing a job at American Airlines as a flight attendant. A crew job is coveted for good reason. Flying for pocket change shrunk her world and broadened her horizons.

Learning into live in one of the world’s most expensive cities on $20,000 a year taught Catherine how to explore on the cheap. Never allowing budget to stay in the way of travel, Catherine made memories instead of money and is richer for the experience.

After the 9/11 attacks, Catherine refused to fly with a broken heart so she unpinned her wings and started a family. Her first trip as a family traveler happened the next year with her baby girl and a carful of gear.

The miles and the babies accumulated over the years, Catherine and her three kids have driven over 55,000 miles across the lower 48 of the U.S. along with six Canadian provinces.

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Catherine Parker and the Carful of Kids know family travel. Exploring together, they love the pulse of an urban city, like Los Angeles and Boston, just as much as Orlando and Disney.

Together they have explored 39 of the 59 National Parks of the United States so far. Staying in everything from a yurt to a AAA four-star property.

The Carful of Kids’ social followers represents 75% of 25 to 44-year-olds with 50% having a net worth of $1M to $2M.

Catherine uses Twitter, Facebook and Instagram extensively. Pinterest pins are included on every new post.

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