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Granlibakken A Grand Sledding Hill in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe offers a crazy fast sledding hill for kids
Granlibakken-Tahoe, minutes from Tahoe City on the western shore of Lake Tahoe, offers a crazy fast sledding hill along with skiing, just right for family skiers. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Nestled in a glade of evergreens, Granlibakken Tahoe offers families a winter escape along the western shores of Lake Tahoe, minutes away from Tahoe City. A family favorite for years, I appreciate that my kids can sled and ski to their heart’s desire without spending a fortune. It’s a top pick for where to go sledding in Lake Tahoe.

Where to Go Sledding in Lake Tahoe

Granlibakken Tahoe opened in 1928, offering skiing and sledding when a local hotel remained open year-round. Borrowing its name from Norwegian, it meansa hill sheltered by trees. A Norwegian jumper built aski jump in 1930 that became the location for numerous contests in the early years.

On the western shores of Lake Tahoe offers the best place for sledding
I found Old Tahoe charm inside of Granlibakken’s ski hut that offers freshly-made soups and Mexican favorites. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Nestled on 74-acres surrounded by fir trees, it’s not uncommon to see wildlife walking through their property. Granlibakken offers lodging ranging from lodge rooms to three-bedroom town homes.

Conveniently located nearTahoe City and it seems secluded from the hum of tourists. Some guests even walk to Tahoe City for its restaurants and shopping.

A Crazy Fast Sled Hill

My kids crave a super fast sledding hill. For nearly half what other ski resort’s charge for an hour of snow tubing, Granlibakken offers a full day of crazy, sledding fun.

Granlibakken features the fastest sled hill in Lake Tahoe
My 12-year-old needs a sturdy sled as his ride and Granlibakken features MH sleds, made in the U.S. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

For $17 per person ($18 during holidays), kids get unlimited access to their monitored hill and a saucer sled for the day. Kids can climb their hill over and over, racing each other and even Mom.

After a few hours of sledding fun, I treat the kids to s’mores. The ski hut offers s’mores packages with enough chocolate, grahams and marshmallows for a family to toast at their fire pit. The ski hut also features hot drinks, soups and Mexican favorites, all reasonably priced in an authentic log cabin with a pot belly stove.

Pack up the kids and head to a super fast sled hill in Tahoe City on Lake Tahoe in California. For what some resorts charge for an hour, get a saucer for the whole day. Then head over to the fire pit for some s'mores and hot chocolate. #TMOM #FamilySki #LakeTahoe

Granlibakken’s Ski Hill

With inexpensive lift tickets ($30 – $40 per person for a full day) we ski this resort on our first day back on the snow. Itfeatures a small ski hill with a rope tow and platter lift,half-day lift tickets are available.

What this Mom likes about Granlibakken

As one of the smallest, lowest and least inexpensive ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area, it’s an excellent option for families skiing with several children.

Granlibakken offers one of the fastest sled hills in Lake Tahoe
Granlibakken offers families a cozy place for winter fun with a crazy fast sledding hill and intimate ski hill. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

I need a small resort.

Let’s face it, each kid has their own needs. Since I’m taking the kids skiing by myself, I can’t lose my kids, 9, 12 and 14-years-old at a mega-huge resort.What’s a Mom to do? Surrender and stay home?

Nope. You can keep them all happy at Granlibakken and still have time for Mom to ski.

I need a low resort.

Granlibakken’s elevation tops out at 6,350 feet, a great option for people who suffer from elevation issues at higher elevations, especially kids. My 12-year-old gets sick over 9,000 feet so we ski at lower elevations and Lake Tahoe tops our list.

One of the fastest sledding hills in Lake Tahoe
Finish up the perfect day of sledding at the fire pit, toasting up some marshmallows. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

It’s important to let your body adjust for the first few days to prevent headaches and nausea.

I need an inexpensive resort.

The best feature of Granlibakken is its affordability.

A daily adult lift ticket is $35 or $40 for a holiday. For kids 12 and under, a lift ticket is $25 and $30 during holidays. What a bargain.

Besidesdownhill skiing and snowboarding, they havesnowshoeandcross-country ski trailsas well. The rental shop at Granlibakken has equipment for downhill and cross country skiing, snow boarding and snow shoeing, along with helmets.

Granlibakken Tahoe is located at 725 Granlibakken Road, a couple miles from Tahoe City. Skiing and sledding operations usually open in mid-December.

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More Lake Tahoe Fun for Families

Looking for more places to discover in Lake Tahoe? Got a couple of my favorite spots to share.

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Then discover a quaint town to spend an afternoon, like Tahoe City.



My family was hosted by Granlibakken-Tahoe.

Know Before You Go:

  • Granlibakken’s Sled Hill doesn’t have a magic carpet but I climbed it all afternoon. Nice workout for Mom, easy for my kids.
  • The skiing is best for novice skiers and snow boarders.
  • Granlibakken caters tofamilies that have some children that ski and some that want to sled. I watched both hills at the same time and comfortable letting my kids go back and forth.
  • A good resort to start your ski vacation if it has been a few years since your last family ski trip.
  • They do not teach kids under 4 and don’t feature a separate ski school area.

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