Best Books Set in France

Best Books for Francophiles

Time to grab a book and escape, especially if you love all things French. Here’s some of the best books set in France to transport you to the land of love and wine from your favorite reading chair.

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The Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

For the Hemingway fans, take a walk through the 1920s Paris as he’s coming into his own as a writer. Visit the bars and cafes where he worked and socialized with a who’s who of the Paris literary elite. Live the life of a struggling writer in a cold Paris apartment with his first wife, Hadley.

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The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

The author walks us through Ernest Hemingway’s life with his first wife Hadley. And should be required reading for lovers of Hemingway or Paris. McLain’s paints a picture of a different era with precision of an artist. 

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The Streets of Paris by Susan Cahill 

Readers will walk down the streets of 21 famous Parisians, like Madame Curie and Edith Piaf. Learn the history and backstories of the famous Parisians. Fascinating read for Francophiles and history lovers, Cahill is thorough and delightfully descriptive. 

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Paris: A Curious Traveler’s Guide by Eleanor Aldridge

Written for the younger, quirkier traveler, get the details on where to eat, where to shop and where to have a cocktail. Find the best smaller, less crowded museums along with tips on where to savor a culinarian delight without sacraficing your travel budget.

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Best Books about Living in France 

Do some research and you’ll find the authors share their hints after moving to France. 

A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle 

Organized by month, explore southern France with Peter Mayle, an Englishman, who moved to Provence for a new sunny life. Get all the yummy details in a book that started the trend. 

Learn about the logistical details that plague new comers. And even though this book was published in 1989, the bureaucratic pitfalls still exist. A must for those considering a new life in France as an ex-pat. I’ve read this book twice.

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The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz

Dreaming of a culinary life in Paris, I know I did until I read this book. And the descriptions of his tiny Paris kitchen might be enough to smother the living in Paris idea for some foodie readers.

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My Good Life in France by Janine Marsh

As an Englishwoman at a crossroads in her life and career, learn how to transition from one life to another in a heart-warming account. Marsh spent 10 years building a perfect life in Northern France after leaving the grind of London. 

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Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard

Reads like a true-to-life romance novel. Fascinating American woman meets a Frenchman then falls in love and moves to Paris. It’s equal parts social commentary and a day-in-the-life of a new Parisian/American ex-pat.

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Confessions of a Paris Party Girl by Vicki Lesage 

Living the life in Paris, the author recounts her time as an American ex-pat. Working during the day and partying into the night, Lesage will have readers laughing and rooting for her to find love.

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Bonjour Kale by Kristen Beddard

Who knew Kale was impossible to find in Paris? It is and we follow this newly married New Yorker transform into a Parisian. 

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One Sip at a Time by Keith Van Sickle 

As Americans and semi-nomads, the author and his girlfriend pack up and move to France, kinda. As consultants, they work remotely and rent houses to indulge in the French life.  

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My Grape Escape  by Laura Bradbury 

As Bradbury is finishing up law school in England, she feels pulled to France. Following in the footsteps of her husband’s family, Bradbury buys a house in a tiny town in Burgundy.

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A Cat Abroad by Peter Gethers

Norton, a Scottish Fold cat, explores France with his writer dad, Peter Gethers. It’s a fascinating for cat lovers and Francophiles. And after reading, I discussed this exceptional feline with my kitties. 

Learn about this thoughtful cat and his preferences for ice cream. And how Norton handled a media tour to promote  books with Gethers.  

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Best Kids Books 

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans

As a favorite from my childhood, I named my daughter after this heroine. Read about her antics in a boarding school in Paris

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Le Petit Prince or The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery

With an easy-to-find French version or English version, this children’s classic explores a world fascinating for kids and adults.

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Looking for a little ohh la la. Here's 12 books set in France to transport you to the land of bread and butter. Grab on for yourself or the Francophile in your life. #Books #France | What to read before you move to France | Best Books for people who love France


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