6 Places to Explore in Jordan

Where to go in Jordan with Kids.
Explore the wonders of the Middle East in Jordan with your family. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Jordan, a peaceful Kingdom in the Middle East, offers families an adventure of a lifetime. Best suited for tweens and teens, Jordan boasts several UNESCO World Hertiage Sites, some of the best snorkeling in the world along with an epic desert to explore on a camel or by 4×4. Read on for where to go in Jordan with kids.

Where to go in Jordan with Kids

Wadi Rum


Dead Sea

Red Sea

Dana Reserve

The Holy Sites of Jordan

Wadi Rum for Families

Wadi Rum. Where to go in Jordan with kids.
Explore the vast desert in Wadi Rum for an adventure of a lifetime. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Located in the southern part of Jordan, the Wadi Rum is about an hour from Aqaba and the Red Sea. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site you must visit.

One of the leaders in the Arab Revolt, British Officer T.E. Lawrence, described the Wadi Rum as vast, echoing and god-like. As a frequent explorer of deserts, it’s an spiritual experience. The desert’s lack of sound haunts the fearful and cleanses the mind of the strong.

Take a 4×4 tour and a camel trek. Stay in one of the Bedouin tent camps for glamping. See the stars overhead including the Milky Way. Leave transformed. Pack for adventure with hiking boots, long pants and a scarf.

Where to Stay in the Wadi Rum

A must for ever trip, glamping in the desert. I stayed at the Rahayeb Desert Camp.

Petra for Families

Petra. Where to go in Jordan with kids.
Petra offers a bucket list must do for your trip. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Built at the crossroads between the Egyptian, Arabicand Syrian-Phoenician peoples, the Nabataeans carved a city of elaborate facades. The exact date of construction is unknown though could be as early as the 4th century B.C.

As a symbol of trading wealth Petra flourished but abandoned by 700 AD. Petra remained a secret known only to a few herders for centuries. It was rediscovered by a Swiss Explorer in 1812. It’s been on my bucket list since seeing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusadein 1989.

As another UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, Petra is a must for every traveler to Jordan. It can be seen in one long day though at least two is preferred.

Where to Stay near Petra

Relax after a long day of exploring Petra. For my trip I stayed at the Petra Marriott Hotel.

Float in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea. Where to go in Jordan with kids.
A float in the Dead Sea offers a unique experience as you float high in the water. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Located along the Jordanian and Israeli border the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. At 1,412 feet below sea level it’s also the deepest hypersaline lake at 997 feet. It’s ten times saltier than regular ocean waterat 34% salinity.

King Herrod established the Dead Sea as a health resort about 2,000 years ago when he visited to relieve skin issues. Since then visitors flock to the area. Now home to four and five-star luxury resorts.

Add it to your list, floating in the Dead Sea was fun, such a different experience than anything I’ve ever felt. Walking out a few feet and then floating like a fishing bobber, high on the water. No swimming required.

Pack the bags and head to Jordan, a peaceful kingdom in the Middle East, for family adventure. Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful seas along with some of the holiest sites.

Where to Stay at the Dead Sea

My ultimate way to relax and rejuvenate is sitting by a tropical pool oasis watching the sun set while thumbing through a magazine. I found the spot on the Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa.

After exploring Jordan for close to a week, it was heaven to spend my last night at a Dead Sea Resort. Even in October, the weather was perfect for lounging at the pool. Be prepared to stay within the resort.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Feynan Ecolodge. Where to go in Jordan with kids.
Unplug with a stay in one of the top ecolodges in the world. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

South of the Dead Sea, the Dana Biosphere Reserve contains four different biographical zones, ranging from the Mediterraneanto the desert. Since it’s home to 25 endangered species, explore Dana Biosphere reserve with a local Bedouin guide to understand it’s significance.

Visitors can explore the reserve on foot, on a mountain bike or even do some canyoneering.

Where to Stay in the Dana Reserve

After exploring the rugged, mountainous landscape, retreat to one of the top ecolodges in the world.

Red Sea and Aqaba

Red Sea. Where to go in Jordan with kids.
Sail the Red Sea to snorkel with some of the best diving in the world. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

It’s one of the top places in the world to snorkel. The Red Sea is resort area catering to Middle Easterners and Europeans. Arrange a snorkeling or SCUBA diving cruises from the docks at Aqaba.

Where to Stay in Aqaba

See Egypt andIsrael from the balcony of your seaside resort. And enjoy a luxurious stay on the coast, like the Kempinski Hotel.

The Holy Sites of Jordan

Mt. Nebo. Where to go in Jordan with kids.
See Mt. Nebo and the Holy Land in Jordan. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Many Christians are surprised to find so many Holy Sites in Jordan. The Holy Sites welcome visitors, pilgrims can freely visit the Holy Sites. Both Pope Francis and Pope John Paul II have visited the Holy Sites of Jordan.

  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan—Baptism Site of Jesus of Nazareth.
  • Mt Nebo—Mountaintop where Moses saw the Promised Land.
  • Madaba—Visit St. George’s Orthodox Church’s mosaic religious map on the floor from the 4th century AD.

What to Wear in Jordan

If it’s your first trip to the Middle East do your research. I’ve pulled together a list of resources and a packing list that worked for my trip.

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