9 Out-of-this-World Campgrounds to Experience in Canada This Summer

Prince of Wales Hotel
Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Glacier National Park. credit: Catherine Parker

Now is the time to plan a trip to the National Parks of Canada. With its out-of-this-world scenery paired with a favorable exchange rate for U.S. travelers, this is the summer to camp at the top of North America. Here are the best campgrounds in Canada.

Before recoiling into a flashback of leaky tents and musty cots from a scout camp, Parks Canada has it figured out, especially for car campers. It offers comfortable and convenient alternatives to setting up a tent in the great outdoors. 

After camping across Parks Canada National Park sites, it might even be more friendly than the parks down stateside. Especially considering its reservation system for summer camping open in the spring for most park stays. 

Here are the best camping concepts that don’t require an RV or an SUV packed down with gear. 

Best Campgrounds in Canada

The best campgrounds in Canada are also some of the most developed campgrounds.

Historic Stays

If the Prince of Wales Hotel is on your bucket list, then pack your bags. It’s in a national park and run by one of the national park concessionaires. Its iconic setting on the top of a bluff overlooking the town of Waterton is idyllic. It is one of the best campgrounds in Canada. 

From its plaid-donned attendants to its afternoon tea, this is one of the highlights of Canada.

Parks Canada also offers more historic lodges and chalets available for overnight stays, like the Domaine Wabenaki-Andrew in La Mauricie National Park in Quebec. 

Where: Prince of Wales Hotel in Alberta and La Mauricie National Park in Quebec.

Best: Couples 

Got camping. What to do in La Mauricie with kids.
La Mauricie’s oTENTiks are a family favorite. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker


It is a Parks Canada exclusive that melds traditional tent camping paired with the nostalgia of an A-frame. The oTENTiks boast all the fun of tent camping with the security of a locked door and the comfort of heating and some provide electricity. Each unit is above the ground on a platform and feels solid with platform mattresses a part of the oTentik.

Where: Jasper National Park and Banff National Parks in Alberta along with several sites across Canada.

Best: Everyone, especially family groups.


With its large windows overlooking the natural world, the MicrOcube offers a taste of sleeping in the outdoors with a roof and a door. Cozy by nature, it sports a double bed in 30 square feet.

Cooking is done outdoors with a barbeque, grill or over the firepit. Picnic tables are located outside each MicrOcube as well.

Where: Mount Revelstoke National Park in British Columbia 

Best: Couples or traveling friends since you will be sharing It offers lighting though no heat.


With it distinctive teardrop shape, the oasis is perched at the treeline on stilts. Inside, campers will find a bed that converts to a table along with a suspended sleeping loft above (weight limit). 

Where: Terra Nova National Park on Newfoundland 

Best: Couples or Families with small kids 

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With a catchy name, it’s a small cabin for two to four, with lots of light and two sleeping areas. Bunkies are cozy so eating and cooking is done outdoors with an included propane camp stove and a picnic table. There’s even a lantern to use on trips to the bathhouse. 

Where: Prince Edward Island National Park

Best: Couples 

Rustic Cabins

The name describes it, campers get bunk beds with a table and chairs, all made of wood. Most of the rustic cabins feature wood-burning stoves for that authentic experience. 

Where: Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.  

Best: Active adults and those traveling with kids. 


Originally from Central Asia, yurts’ round shape almost look like woodland mushrooms and offer most of the comforts of home. 

Campers find bunk beds, along with furniture like a settee and a dining set. Great for evening games or meals indoors when the weather goes astray. 

Parks Canada offers heat (nights can get chilly) and most feature picnic tables outside. 

Where: Bay of Fundy National Park in New Brunswick and Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario

Best: Most are comfortable its ample space, bedding and heat.

tipi in Canada
My kids loved the traditional tipi used by Parks Canada. credit: Catherine Parker


My kids adored spending the night in an authentic canvas teepee. My air mattress died in that teepee and my coffee saved the following day. Though it was a memorable experience though definitely gauge interest before reserving and pack a good sleeping pad. 

Where: Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site Campground in Alberta 

Best: Kids and the young-at-heart

Go Camping. What to do in Cape Breton with kids.
We reserved an equipped campsite at Cheticamp, in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  Credit: Catherine Parker

Equipped Campsites 

For road trippers, this is a great option for a night in a national park on an extended trip. 

Where: Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia

Best: Families or Groups who want the tent camping experience without hauling the gear. 

With its out-of-this-world scenery paired with a favorable exchange rate for U.S. travelers, camp at the top of North America. From Historic Lodges to Yurts to the Kids-favorite Tipis, there are unique places to stay in the Canadian National Parks. Here are the best campgrounds in Canada. Places to Camp in Canada without a tent

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