Explore the California Coast in a JUCY RV Rental

JUCY RV Rental Van
Find the perfect California Beach in a JUCY Rental RV van. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

California beach camping has been on my bucket list for years. Though planning is necessary especially when tents are off-limits on the beach due to wind issues. A RV is the best option for fun and functionality. So JUCY RV rental was a no-brainer with convenientlyvans, perfect for a camping getaway.

What I loved about JUCY RV Rental

  • Fun and easy to drive, even in Los Angeles
  • Easy on the wallet at the gas station
  • Lots of windows for increased visibility

What I wanted from JUCY RV Rental

  • More storage space, my hard-sided luggage didn’t fit the storage compartments.
  • The window shades needed to be mounted on top of window so it doesn’t need suction cups.
  • Complimentary airport transfer
The Penthouse of the JUCY Rental RV.
Learn about the penthouse during the JUCY Rental RV tour at the pick-up facility. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Picking Up a JUCY RV Rental

After arriving at Los Angeles International Airport, I took a UBER to the nearby JUCY rental facility. The JUCY rental location is five miles away at 11992 Hawthorne Blvd.It was a $15 ride for me though could be less depending on your terminal.

Through the reservation process I entered the majority of my information. So when I arrived at my designated time, I just signed some paper work.

After the paperwork and a $1500 credit card deposit to cover the basic vehicle insurance coverage, I got a tour. During the JUCY RV tour, I learned how to use Penthouse, the sleeping compartment on the top. Then learned how to pull out the bed inside the van. Finally, I saw all the compartments of the kitchen.

Note: At the LA office, it processes JUCY vans between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. and a fee is accessed for early pick-ups. My flight was on-time but something to consider when booking for same day airport arrivals and JUCY rentals. For customers without personal liability coverage, additional insurance is available for an additional daily fee.

JUCY Rental RV is a Dodge Caravan.
The JUCY Rental RV is a modified Dodge Caravan so it’s easy to drive. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Driving my JUCY RV Rental

After the tour at the JUCY Rental facility, I was ready to go. With keys in hand I started it up. It was easy. After adjusting the mirrors and the seat positioning, I was comfortable and ready to go.

First stop, the grocery store for some supplies. My JUCY van came equipped with everything I needed except food. The grocery store parking lot was a breeze in my JUCY Van. I parked in a regular spot close to the entrance. And backing out of my parking spot was easy too.

Not the case when I drove a standard 28-foot RV. I had to park at the edge of the parking lot, taking up several spots. And backing up required another person to help since I didn’t have a back-up camera and no way to see behind the RV.

Since I was headed up the California coast, I hopped on LA’s 405. Then merged onto the 101. With it’s legendary traffic, driving in LA is no joke. But I had no problems with my JUCY RV Van, just like driving a standard minivan.

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A RV with a View. JUCY Rental RV
I wanted to wake up with a view of the beach so a RV is the way to go. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

My Trip in a JUCY RV Rental

After a few hours of driving, I pulled into my campground for the night. Just 12 miles south of Santa Barbara, California, I had reserved a beachfront camping spot at Carpinteria State Beach.

Along the beach in the charming town of Carpinteria, this campground offers lots of campsites. Since I wanted to wake up and see the beach out my window I had to choose my RV vehicle carefully.

Beach Row sites in the San Miquel Loop at Carpinteria State Beach have size restrictions and vehicles over 19 feet aren’t permitted. That rules out a lot of standard-size RVs.

I backed into my site as required and was able to pop my rear door from the driver’s seat. Instant relaxation when I heard the sound of the ocean waves. And it’s sheer joy to fall asleep while listening to crashing waves.

Eating in JUCY RVRental

JUCY RV Vans offer a compact yet equipped kitchen. My van came equipped with a one-burner stove along with one fuel canister.

Since I don’t like to wash dishes, I didn’t cook anything. Instead I opted to bring food that just required refrigeration.

Though with a sink and a 5-gallon water tank, cleaning up after cooking is an option. And my JUCY RV Van came equipped with dishes, utensils and pots and pans for four people.

The JUCY RV Van comes with an interior table that can be set up and used in the passenger area. Though I just sat at my picnic table at my campsite to eat. To set up the interior table, the mattress has to be stored and put away.

Is camping on the beach in California on your bucket list? A RV offers the most ease and comfort for your trip. If you don't own a RV, rent one. JUCY Rental RV rents easy-to-drive Dodge Caravans. Outfitted with a kitchenette along with sleeping for four, see if it's right for your trip. #RVing #CaliforniaCamping #JUCYUSA Ad

Sleeping in JUCY RVRental

My JUCY RV van came equipped with a full-sized folding mattress inside the van. Along with a pop-up area on top for campers with more than two people.

Since I was RVing solo for this trip, I just pulled out the interior mattress and slept there. With a quick slide of the support I was able to fold out the mattress. It fit standard-sized sheets that I brought with me but a linen kit is available.

Overall I slept great. The weather was pleasant during my beach trip and the van never got stuffy or hot.

My only concern was some of the window shades required the use of a suction cup to stay up. And in my van one of the shades kept falling down.

Other Things to Consider

JUCY RV vans do not offer bathrooms. So I recommend camping in campgrounds with toilets and showers. Boondocking in areas without restrooms facilities isn’t the best option.

Changing clothes in the JUCY RV van requires laying down on the mattress to get on pants. And since the front window doesn’t offer a curtain, I just took my clothes to the campground’s restroom to change.

Charging my phone was no problem since JUCY RV Vans offer an auxiliary battery. By driving for 30 minutes, the auxiliary battery charges up and powers the refrigerator drawer along with the USB port.

What does it Cost?

Most nights start around $100 a night with seasonal and holiday increases.

Though unlimited mileage isn’t included in your rental, like most rental cars. You must purchase a mileage package during the reservation process. The basic mileage package is 100 miles for $12 a night. The unlimited mileage package is $25 a night. Additional miles are calculated at $.25 a mile when you return the vehicle.

If you need the vehicle delivered to another location, the charge is $100. This service has a 50-mile radius restriction. An additional fee for retrieval of the JUCY RV Rental ranges from $100 to $150 depending on the rental facility.

Like most rentals, JUCY RV Rentals require a full gas tank on return. For customers using the sink, the gray water tank must be emptied prior to return, or a $75 fee is assessed.

Additional Equipment for Rent

JUCY RV Rentals offers lots of camping and van equipment for rent for your camping trip.

Sleeping pack for two people including sleeping bags, pillows, mattress pad and towels.

Kitchen pack for four people with dishes, glasses, silverware, utensils, skillet, pot, kettle, mixing bowl and colander.

Camping chair or outdoor table for your trip. A GPS unit to navigate. Cars seatsavailable for kids and babies. Even a solar shower and s’mores sticks are available.

Special camping gear for winter travel also available. Reserve winter sleeping packs, additional heaters or tire chains.

Seasonal Deals with JUCY RVRental

No surprise here but camping has a season. It runs from roughly from mid-March to mid-October so JUCY usually requires a reservation at least a few days in advance.

But after the season, JUCY offers some off-season deals so check out its website. I’ve found JUCY RV relocations from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to Los Angeles available for $15 a day. Also rental equipment packages are available for free.

Camping spots also open up after Labor Day. Finding an amazing camping spot on the beach just requires a few days and not weeks, or months, of planning.

So would I rent a JUCY RV Rental van again? You bet.

Catherine Parker has a passion for travel and seen all 50 U.S. States. As a former flight attendant with one of the largest airlines, there isn't a North American airport that she hasn't landed in at least once. Since clipping her professional wings after 9/11, she combines her love of the open road with visiting architectural and cultural icons. She is based out of Central Texas dividing her time between writing and restoring a pair of 100-year-old houses. She shares her life with her three kids and her husband.

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