6 Places to Explore in Saint John New Brunswick

The Reversing Falls of Saint John. What to do in Saint John with Kids.
Kids must see the Reversing Falls of Saint John as the water runs upstream. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

A trip to the Canadian Maritimes offers families lots of unique places to explore, like the Bay of Fundy or Halifax. For outdoorsy families, the Cape Breton Highlands offers camping in a windswept landscape. Of course a trip to Prince Edward Island is a must for its seafood and Anne of Green Gables. My carful of kids road tripped through the Maritimes though many visitors arrive by cruise ship. However you arrive, I’ve pulled together a list of what to do in Saint John with kids.

What to do in Saint John with Kids

  • Reversing Falls of the Saint John River
  • Saint John City Market
  • Barbour’s General Store
  • The Saint John Salmon Public Art Installation
  • Imperial Theatre
  • Kings Square
The Reversing Falls of Saint John. What to do in Saint John with kids.
The Reversing Falls of Saint John is a must for kids in New Brunswick. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Reversing Falls of the Saint John River

100 Fallsview Ave.

The Reversing Falls of the Saint John Riverare a must for kids. Caused by the tidal shifts of the Bay of Fundy that causes the river to flow upstream.

During high tide the Bay of Fundy’s water goes heads upstream on the Saint John River. During low tide, the Saint John River rushes into the Bay of Fundy making some intense rapids.

Watch this phenomenon at the Fallsview Park in Saint John. Admission is free from the observation deck.

Note for Cruisers: If you didn’t drive, you will need a cab or ride share to get to the Reversing Falls.

Stop by Barbour's General Store. What to do in Saint John with Kids.
Walk through Barbour’s General Store to shop for local arts and crafts in an original Victorian storefront. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Barbour’s General Store

10 N. Market St.

Walk through an authentic general store from the Victorian era. Now stocked with local New Brunswick arts and crafts. Find the visitor bureau in Barbour’s too. Open seasonal June through end of October.

Note for Cruisers:The following downtown destinations are close together and you can walk to each.

Saint John Salmon. What to do in Saint John with kids.
Caught a salmon the easy way by seeing one of 10 art installations across Saint John. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

The Saint John Salmon Public Art Installation

Throughout Downtown Saint John

See one of ten locally painted salmon across downtown Saint John in a public art installation.

Visit the Saint John City Market. What to do in Saint john with Kids.
The Saint John City Market sells local products like maple syrup and Canadian candy. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Saint John City Market

47 Charlotte St.

Walk through Canada’s oldest continuing farmers market with the kids. Sample some local maple syrup and buy some Canadian candy. Open year-round and free to enter.

Visit Saint John, New Brunswick in Canada for the best of the Canadian Maritimes. With six top spots to discover, this is your guide.

Canadian Foods to Sample

I recommend sampling some local products while in Canada.

ChickenbonesPink-colored cinnamon candy with a chocolaty filling

Pal-o-Mine–Candybar made with fudge, peanuts and fondant

Dulse–Locally harvested seaweed, samples available at the City Market

Maple Syrup–Every visitor needs to buy some maple syrup.

Maple Butter–Maple syrup that’s been blended into a rich butter-like spread.

Maple Candy–Try some maple candy in assorted forms, like hard candy in the shape of leaves.

Imperial Theater. What to do in Saint John.
Grab some seats at the Imperial Theater for a show. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Imperial Theatre

12 King Square South

Grab some tickets for the New Brunswick Symphony or a traveling act at the Imperial Theatre when in town. The majestic building was built in 1912 and offers seating for over 800 in classic style.

Kings Square. What to do in Saint John with kids.
The 1908 bandstand in Kings Square offers six monuments along with grassy areas to sit for a bit. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Kings Square

Between King Square North & South, Charlotte & Sydney Streets

Walk through Kings Square, conveniently located next the Imperial Theatre and Saint John’s City Market. See the 1908 Bandstand along with six monuments that dot the square. A great place to let the kids unwind.

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Saint John, New Brunswick is a popular port-of-call for cruise ships, like Regent Seven Seas.


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