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What to Wear in the Winter to Stay Warm Outdoors

What to wear in the winter to stay warm.
If your winter itinerary includes exploring a winter wonderland all day then wear some good gear. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

With the right gear, spending the day outside can be toasty and fun. I’ve been know to spend the whole day exploring without feeling cold. Read on for what to wear in the winter to stay warm.

What to Wear in the Winter to Stay Warm

Start the day off right with the right gear for your head and face. If your head gets cold, the rest of your body will too.


A knitted hat with a lining is a must. And it’s called a toque in Canada. Try this one made with merino and available in several different colors.

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Gaiter or Neck Warmer

Sure, scarves are cute. Though when I’m outdoors, skiing or snowshoeing I prefer a gaiter. Buy a two-ply one for more protection. Here’s one that’s Canadian made and comes in a variety of colors.

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Find some cute  socks with a blend of fibers.

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A must for your eyes, especially on cloudy and windy days. And find them in lots of colors.

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The Mozy

It’s a windproof, water-resistant, multi-functional lightweight blanket you can wear almost like a skirt. With an adjustable closure system, you can wrap around your waist for sustained heat retention when outdoors. It’s much warmer than traditional stadium blankets and the fasteners won’t snag your clothing. 

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Use Layers to Stay Warm

Layers are essential to keep warm. And as the sun climbs high, you can stay comfortable.

Base Layers

Start the day with a smart base layer that looks like a shirt. In case it warms up and you start to shed layers.

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And don’t forget about the leggings. Use the dual-layer leggings for added warmth.

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Fleece Layer

A good quality fleece is important for staying warm. Wear it under your outer, water and windproof layer.

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Snow Pants

Not just for snow boarding or skiing, wear them snowshoeing or sledding. Any time you’re spending the day outside during the winter.

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A good winter coat should be wind and waterproof with lots of pockets plus a hood. Add zippered underarm vents and thumb holes and it’s perfect.

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Do your gloves have a touch screen feature along with a pocket for a hand warmer?

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How to Keep Your Feet Warm

Another must to keep warm and dry during the winter. When feet get cold or wet, it’s going to be a long day.


Good boots are an investment that will last for years.

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Other Necessities

I’ve used this waterproofer for years. Works like a charm, even for kids who sit in the snow.

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Foot warmers (not toe warmers) are hard to find. These cover the entire sole of your boots for constant and comfortable warmth.

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If your winter plans include spending the day outside, wear the best winter gear. Get some tips on what to wear in the winter to stay warm. What to wear to stay warm #Winter #gear
credit: Catherine Parker

If your winter plans include spending the day outside, wear the best winter gear. Get some tips on what to wear in the winter to stay warm. What to wear to stay warm #Winter #gear

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