Real Life Review of the Mozy

The Mozy
The Mozy is an extra layer when you need it. Credit: Catherine Parker

The Mozy Review

As the weather starts to cool off, let the outdoor fun continue. With an easy-to-pack, easy-to-wear layer, don’t let the cooler temperatures affect your plans. Read on for a real life review of the Mozy.

What I Loved About the Mozy

It’s easy to put on and the fleece liner is soft. 

The black color doesn’t show dirt.

It has pockets to carry stuff. 

What I Wanted from the Mozy

One side without the fleece so it can be used on the ground without picking up leaves.

The Mozy
With it attached at the waist, the Mozy is trail ready. Credit: Catherine Parker

What is the Mozy

It’s a windproof, water-resistant, multi-functional lightweight blanket you can wear almost like a skirt. With an adjustable closure system, you can wrap around your waist for sustained heat retention when outdoors. It’s much warmer than traditional stadium blankets and the fasteners won’t snag your clothing. 

When you need to move around, simply fold the corners up and attach to the carabiners. The Mozy acts like a long skirt with pockets in front to hold a water bottle or a book. 

Best of all, turn it inside out and it can be carried like a bag with an attached cord. It’s machine washable and the black color hides dirt. 

Turn the Mozy inside out for an easy way to carry it. Credit: Catherine Parker

How to Use the Mozy 

Leave it in your vehicle from fall to spring to use whenever the temperature dips. 


As the camp fire lingers, spend a few more minutes enjoying the scene. With the Mozy around your legs, enjoy another cup of hot chocolate and the crackling fire as the night gets cooler.

In the morning, grab the Mozy as an easy extra layer when making your first cup of coffee. 

Not just for Moms, my oldest rides with her mountain team at two-day meets. Then she camps on-site with her team members. She borrows The Mozy for campfire coziness.  


As a Mom of three school-age kids, those aluminum bleachers are cold and hard. I can keep The Mozy in its carrying case and use it as a cushion. Then as the game heads into overtime, I can put it on and stay comfortable. 

Now if I could only find decent coffee at the concession stand. 

Wintertime Swim or Sauna

If you’re headed a hot springs or a heated pool in the winter, getting out the hot water can be a shock. So use The Mozy to wrap around yourself instead of a thin towel when you head back to your cabin or campsite. Use a quick-dry towel first, then attach The Mozy under your arms.

Outdoor Events 

As the sun sets, enjoy the show well into the night with The Mozy close by. It’s ideal for all outdoor activities.

Extra blanket while Driving

Keep the Mozy in the car to use as a blanket when driving in the winter. Someone will always be cold.

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Lay the Mozy on the ground for a place to sit. Credit: Catherine Parker

How to Wear the Mozy

Wrap the left side first then wrap the right side over it. Secure it with the hook-and-eye strips that run the length of the Mozy. The pockets will be on the outside, the large one at the top, Another pair of pockets below deep enough for a paperback and a water bottle.

With a hook-and-eye closure, it fits most. 

If you get a little warm, then open it up at the bottom. Pull the corners up and attach to the hook-and-eye strips for hands-free warmth while you walk around. 

The Mozy Specifics

It’s made of nylon and polyester fleece. The dimensions are 36 (91 cm) x 54 (137cm) inches. Though with elastic at the top and the middle of The Mozy, it gathers to less than 54 inches. It offers three deep pockets.

Also you can customize The Mozy with patches. For all the details, head to

Looking for it on Amazon, check it out here.


This product was provided for review purposes. This post was sponsored by Thermic Innovations.

The Mozy is a windproof, water-resistant, multi-functional lightweight blanket you can wear almost like a skirt. With an adjustable closure system, you can wrap around your waist for sustained heat retention when outdoors. And it has pockets! #Mozy #Sponsored #OutdoorGear #Review What to wear outdoors to keep warm | The Mozy Blanket Review | Best Winter Gear | Game Day Basics

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