Where to Stay at the Dead Sea in Jordan

Where to stay at the Dead Sea.
To see the glamorous side of Jordan, getaway to the Dead Sea for lounging and luxuriating. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

After exploring the rugged landscape of Jordan, like Petra and the Wadi Rum, enjoy the luxurious side of Jordan with a spa escape to the Dead Sea. A quick jaunt from Amman, and its international airport, the Dead Sea is the ultimate place to relax and recharge in the Middle East. Read on for where to stay at the Dead Sea and what to do at the Dead Sea.

Where’s the Dead Sea

Located along the border of Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. At 1,412 feet below sea level, it’s also the deepest hypersaline lake at 997 feet. And one of the saltiest bodies of water at 34% salinity, that’s ten times saltier than ocean water.

King Herrod established the Dead Sea as a health resort about 2,000 years ago when he visited to relieve skin issues. Since then visitors have flocked to the area. Now find four and five-star luxury resorts flanking its shore, boasting sparkling outdoor oases along with Dead Sea beaches.

What to do at the Dead Sea. Where to stay at the Dead Sea.
Even after dark, enjoy a warm night most months at the Dead Sea in Jordan. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

What to do at the Dead Sea

Float High on the Dead Sea

Relax at the Resort Pools

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Where to stay at the Dead Sea.
A float on the Dead Sea is a Jordan must so include a stay at a luxurious resort during your Jordan journey. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Float on the Dead Sea

A bucket list must for any trip to Jordan, a float on the Dead Sea is a must.

First I walked out a few feet and then pop. Suddenly my feet floated out from underneath me. Instantly I was a human boat, floating high on the water. Using my hands like a motor I paddled around on the surface of the water.

The water has a slightly thicker viscosity than normal seawater. And swimming isn’t necessary since it’s impossible to sink. Just don’t get the water near your eyes, it will burn.

After a float, head to the shore for an DIY spa treatment. Most resorts offer pots of Dead Sea mud for slathering on one’s body. I found a mirror nearby, so I scooped up a handful of mud.Then I started to spread it evenly across my body.

Letting the sun do it work, the mud bakes, pulling out impurities. Afterwards I headed to a nearby shower to rinse off the baked mud. And viola, newer and softer you, complimentary spa treatment. Though the mud can stain so don’t wear a white swimsuit.

Where to stay at the Dead Sea.
With a series of cascading pools, lounging by the pool is a must for the Dead Sea Marriott. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Relaxing by the Pool

My ultimate way to relax and rejuvenate is sitting in a tropical pool oasis watching the sun set while thumbing through a magazine. I found the spot on the Dead Sea.

A favorite getaway for Europe and the Middle East, the weather remains swimsuit comfortable for the majority of the year. With tropical landscaping and cascading pools, pack a sunhat and a book for lounging.

And most resorts offer pools for each pool personality. Find a pool for families then find a quiet pool for lounging and reading. And of course find the party pool, just right for guests wanting to live it up.

Take a luxurious getaway to the Dead Sea in Jordan for lounging at a pool oasis to recharge. Then indulge in the legendary Dead Sea mud treatment at the glamorous spa. And don't forget to float high on the Dead Sea at the unforgettable location. #JordanJourney #DeadSea

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

Most resorts ringing the Dead Sea offers extensive spas. It’s part of the Middle Eastern culture. Have a professional Dead Sea mud treatment. Or experience a Hamman, the ritual cleansing of the skin to exfoliate and relax.

Also find traditional spa services, like facials and massages. Most resorts offer large and luxuriously appointed spas within the resorts, including separate pools. Most spas are restricted to adults.

Where to stay at the Dead Sea.
With a soaring lobby, the Dead Sea Marriott offers a luxurious getaway in Jordan. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Where to Stay at the Dead Sea

During my visit to the Dead Sea in Jordan, I stayed at the Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa. It offers a series of cascading resort pools, several restaurants, full service spa and a beach along the shores of the Dead Sea. It has partnered with Jordan’s Royal Academy for Nature Conservation for sustainability.

Enter the expansive two-story lobby and walk down an alley of potted trees that evoke the mystery of Middle Eastern desert camps. Find carved wood decorations with Arabic design notes throughout the common areas.

The Dead Sea Marriot Resort and Spa offers a several restaurants along with a luxurious spa so guests can stay within the resort.

Dead Sea Marriott Resort Pools

As a five-star resort, it’s a destination for relaxing, rejuvenating and lounging. The outdoor space offers outdoor rooms centered around a pool with chaises ringing its edge. I lounged at each pool with its own distinct personality.

See the main resort pool from the lobby windows. The bridge pool offers a photo backdrop. Find a children’s pool and the infinity pool overlooks the Dead Sea. It’s the place to see the sun set.

Where to stay at the Dead Sea.
Enjoy a dessert buffet at the Mosaico Restaurant at the Dead Sea Marriott. Photo Credit: Catherine Parker

Restaurants at the Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa

During my stay, I enjoyed the Mosaico Restaurant for an international buffet lunch. Located just off the lobby, it’s a convenient location for meals.

For coffee and a snack, step into Jo’s Midi for coffee drinks, tea and pastries. Located off the lobby, it offers an alternative to a sit-down breakfast.

Then follow up with dinner at the Il Terazzo Restaurant for Italian, overlooking the Dead Sea. It features classic Italian dishes on the menu and the wood-fired pizzas are a must.

When to Go to the Dead Sea

Since the Dead Sea sits at a lower elevation, the weather remains swimsuit warm from early spring through late fall. Though the summer season will be hot with temperatures over 100F (38C).

During my visit in October, the weather was perfect for lounging at the pool. The winter season is short and mild with occasional rain.

What to Wear at the Pool in the Middle East

Since this area attracts continental guests, don’t feel uncomfortable in a western bathing suit within the resort. During my stay, I saw several bikinis. Though when walking through common areas, a modest cover-up is best.

For more information on what to pack and what to wear in Jordan, especially for women, read the Prep and Pack Jordan. And for additional information on how to prepare for an once-in-a-lifetime Journey to Jordan, read Bucket List Jordan.

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Know Before You Go

  • Be prepared to stay within the resort.
  • Before entering most resorts in Jordan, guests will pass through airport-style security.

This trip was sponsored for review purposes.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit the Dead Sea! Your photos look so good. I’m putting swim in the Dead Sea on my bucket list and put a reminder next to it to bring a pair of goggles. I wouldn’t want my eyes to burn.

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